noun: proclamation; plural noun: proclamations

  1. a public or official announcement, especially one dealing with a matter of great importance.
    • the public or official announcement of an important matter.
      “the government restricted the use of water by proclamation”
    • a clear declaration of something.
      “the proclamation of his passion”

Coronado, CA

Posted by Richard Bailey, Mayor of Coronado, CA
September 20, 2023

Yesterday, the City Council recognized Suicide Prevention Month with a proclamation. Megan Keller and Brian Cooper accepted the proclamation; they lost their son Cade to suicide.

Megan Keller’s message to the community is very powerful — I encourage you to watch this video.

Phoenix, AZ

April 20, 2024 was the 3rd annual Cade’s Day cornhole fundraiser at OHSO/Little O’s. The City of Phoenix shared in the afternoon events as well as awarding a Proclamation on behalf of suicide prevention, awareness, and awarding scholarships to Welding students at the college he attended, Mesa Community College.